About Filipa Pereira-Stubbs


I work as a dance artist, dance teacher, and creative practitioner. My three main weaves are working as a dance artist on dance and movement projects, working as an artist on arts based projects, and running a programme of arts events for women held in Nature.

My projects, classes, and workshops happen in arts centres, museums & galleries, dance and community halls, schools and early years settings, community settings, hospitals, hospices, care homes, open spaces, woods, meadows, and parks.

My work as a creative practitioner draws on a range of arts practices to foster and inspire the making process of interpretation and expression. Many of my projects are done in collaboration with colleague artists from different backgrounds, determining a flexible and open approach to arts projects.

My movement practice centres around inclusive and creative dance – taking the fundamentals of movement, dance, and choreography to engage and invigorate bodies of all ages and abilities, and facilitate a broader and richer understanding of self, and self within the environment, through dance.

In all my work, my core skills lie in devising, managing and delivering complex projects and programmes of events, working collaboratively, and in being able to meet the varied needs of the groups & communities I engage with – bringing the creative and imaginative process to people at all stages and ages of life, from the very young to the very old. I create, devise, deliver, train, consult, manage budgets, document, research and report. I choreograph, make films, create bespoke playlists and soundscapes.

I am a Churchill Fellow. In 2014 I travelled to the United States for four weeks, researching the potential of movement and dance with older people in hospital and community settings. My report ‘Moving from Problem to Potential’ can be found on the WCMT website.

My portfolio career has spanned over twenty five years of work in dance and the arts.

I am the Director of DanceMoves, established in 2012. I devise and deliver dance projects at Addenbrooke’s Hospital – running dance sessions on the Department of Medicine for the Elderly and the neuro-rehabilitation wards. I run integrated dance groups in the community for people living with dementia and their carers. DanceMoves has delivered projects for the homeless community in Cambridge, and delivered a project around the Tour de France and primary school children. DanceMoves works with, and is supported and partly funded by, Cambridge City and Cambridge County Council as well as private donations.

DanceMoves devises and delivers bespoke projects for people who are marginalised from regular life through disease, physical and mental ill health, life circumstances and ageing – and often a complicated mixture of all these – and believes that movement offers a way into peoples’ private narratives, and unlocks the potential for them to situate themselves differently and positively in society.

I run Barefoot Dance, established fifteen years ago– teaching dance to all ages, from babies to octogenarians, privately, in schools and in early years centres. I run an annual integrated dance project bringing children with special and complex needs together with children at public school to develop new skills and relationships over two days of movement and physical theatre workshops. I devised an inter-generational project – bringing together my variously aged dance students (aged 7 to 70) over a weekend of playful and improvisatory dance workshops, with live musicians and a film maker. Barefoot Dance celebrates and nourishes the joy and delight that dance and movement brings to all people.

I deliver arts sessions and projects for Kettle’s Yard, regularly delivering workshops relating to the house collection and gallery exhibitions. I co-teach on the childrens’ after school arts group, I deliver workshops for the regular Cam Sight group, and devise and deliver bespoke projects for the Education Team.

I created and manage an annual programme of creative workshops for women, WomenWell in the Wild, held in Cambridgeshire ancient woodland and meadows.

As a creative practitioner I continue to work with Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, a Cambridge artists network, working across Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire in a multitude of educational, community and arts settings. I have been a trustee of CCI, and have worked with CCI as an artist for over twelve years.

In the early years of my career, I began work as a dance/movement therapist with the NHS. Then, for over ten years, I worked in the field of palliative care with Rosetta Life, co-founding Rosetta Life and then working as artist-in-residence at the Arthur Rank House in Cambridge. In my early years in Cambridge, I worked with Cambridgeshire projects, groups and organisations such as Vital Communities, the Friends of Fulbourn, and Inspire, the Cambridge Drama Centre and the JunctionCDC.

Outsider Dance.
I am interested in working with people, of all ages,who normally wouldn’t be accessing dance and dance programmes. Outsider Dance is a phrase I coined to describe my practice of dance with people who feel themselves to be dancers, who attend dance classes, events and workshops because they feel dance can allow them to express themselves and/or know themselves, in important and fulfilling ways. Borrowing from the concept of Outsider Art, which celebrates the self-taught artist, the non-trained and non-institutionalised artist, the often visionary and quietly private artist, I find myself drawn similarly, in the world of dance, to people who haven’t sought out the traditional or predictable pathways to dance.

I believe in integrated and inclusive dance programmes – bringing people together, friends, couples, carers, family and community members. Exploring and loosening the knots of labels and sense of difference. I devise structured experiences that invite open ended and imaginative processes. I celebrate the sense of pride and worth that is created through bespoke performance and intimate sharing. Small films, portraiture, conversations, installation pieces.