Filipa Pereira-Stubbs BSc Sociology, MA DMT, Churchill Fellow


I am a dance artist, dance teacher, and creative practitioner with thirty years experience in dance & health and in community arts. I devise and deliver dance & health programmes, in the community, in clinical settings, in museums and galleries, and outdoors in Nature. My projects, including ‘Dance for Health’ at Cambridge University Hospitals, and ‘Dance at the Museum’ (Fitzwilliam Museum) always hold inclusivity and integration of the arts at the core, finding inspiration in somatic practice and the process of improvisation & imagination, calibrating and bridging perceived cultural differences, age differences and health differences.

My movement practice centres around inclusive and creative dance – taking the fundamentals of movement, dance, and choreography to engage and invigorate bodies of all ages and abilities, and facilitate a broader and richer understanding of self, and self within the environment, through dance.

My core skills lie in devising, managing and delivering complex projects and programmes of events, working collaboratively, and in being able to meet the varied needs of the groups & communities I engage with – bringing the creative and imaginative process to people at all stages and ages of life, from the very young to the very old. I create, devise, deliver, train, consult, manage budgets, document, research and report. I choreograph, make films, create playlists and soundscapes.

I am a Churchill Fellow. In 2014 I travelled to the United States for four weeks, researching the potential of movement and dance with older people in hospital and community settings. My report ‘Moving from Problem to Potential’ can be found on the WCMT website.