selected Arts Projects


A large part of my work as a creative practitioner has been devised and delivered for two organisations – the Cambridge based charity Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, and Cambridge University’s Kettle’s Yard. Much of my work can be viewed on their websites. The following is a sample of the more recent work I have done.

I have worked as a CCI artist since 2002, joining a network of creative practitioners and artists in developing and delivering creative projects. CCI projects happen in museums and galleries, in schools and universities, and in hospitals, business and community settings, and in urban green areas, nature reserves and parks. I have worked and collaborated with children at all stages of education, school and university teachers, hospital play workers, health practitioners, parents, museum and gallery staff – and of course the wonderful general public.

Kettle’s Yard is one of Cambridge’s most beloved art spaces. Created in the late 50’s by curator Jim Ede, it was his and his wife Helen’s home until 1973. Kettles Yard is a home that houses a collection of contemporary artists alongside a collection of furniture, glass, ceramics and found natural objects, all exquisitely positioned together in a way that has defined the legendary Kettle Yard look. It is a home of unusual calm and beauty, embracing quiet and stillness, the play of light and shadow, a place to watch the passing through the seasons through the many windows. Kettles Yard also houses a gallery with temporary exhibitions.