Kettles Yard: You are Here


Children and families in North Cambridge came together at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Arbury to draw their homes and houses and some of the real and imaginary creatures that might be lurking in and around the street of houses.

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DanceMoves collaborates with John Lewis


DanceMoves has been in conversation with John Lewis, and together with the community liaison coordinator Christine Shaw, put in an application to Music Matters, and received a grant of £1000 to devise and deliver a series of consultation days for John Lewis partners.

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Uclan & The Knowing Body Network Symposium

DanceMoves has a logo!

DanceMoves logo

Artist illustrator Josie Birch designed the DanceMoves logo, inspired by the poster she designed as a moment for the Arts Picturehouse Event on May 17th 2016, organised by DanceMoves in celebration of the Arts and Dementia community.

Keep an eye out for the DanceMoves logo and further DanceMoves projects.

Fantastical Cambridgeshire


Fantastical Cambridgeshire is a long-term CCI project about this county. bringing together creative adventures around cartography, culture and connections.

Mapping: walking, dreaming, noticing, drawing, thinking, listening, sharing.

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Kettles Yard: Motion Tracks


A partnership project between Kettle’s Yard and North Cambridge Academy.  Worked with artist Johann Arens alongside other artists to deliver a day of movement workshops in the specially built arts room – the Tube Room.  Exploring line and movement.

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Taking Note


A CCI project, working at Addenbrooke’s and Rosie Hospitals in Cambridge, with fellow artist Susanne Jasilek, CCI director Ruth Sapsed, and Head of Arts, Damian Hebron. We collected stories about moments of happiness – individual moments recorded and scribed by taking a moment to stop and note what causes us happiness.

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Dementia Awareness Week May 2016