CLAY – Kettles Yard & Cam Sight

Our aim was to experience Gustav Metzger’s ideas around auto-destructivity and auto-creativity.  We sat in a circle, and were given clay.  We were invited to take our time, to feel the clay, to let the clay find us, find the sensitivity in our fingers, find form.  We kept our eyes closed.  We made something, and then passed our make to our neighbour, simultaneously receiving from our other neighbour something they had made.  Our task was to allow ourselves to destroy what had been made and given to us, and to re-make anew, afresh, unknowing, and unseeing.

We had different textures of clay and porcelain slip arrive into our hands, as our fingers grew more attuned to modelling, shaping, feeling and sensing.  We were also responding to music, calm, spacious music.  We took our time.  We slowed down.  We found out how we could destroy and create at the same time.
It was a very calm and peaceful hour of creativity.
July 2014