Kettles Yard in collaboration with North Cambridge Academy

“Dance can be curving your body, listening to music and not thinking of what your doing.””

“I learnt whatever you do can become dance.”

A partnership project between Kettle’s Yard and North Cambridge Academy. Artist Johann Arens was selected by the school staff and children to create artworks and design an arts day involving artists working in different medias. I worked with artist Johann Arens to deliver a day of movement workshops in the bold arts room he designed- the Tube Room.  The workshop was devised in response to Johann’s fascination with line…and to the question of where can we take a line.

We articulated lines we find within our own body. We found movements that follow pathways – lines, curves, spirals. We found relationship between body movements and external lines in the immediate environment. We played with moving in between these: for example, merging an intimate personal movement with a bolder bigger, external movement. We echoed these with finding spatial linear pathways…changing pace and direction. Finally we created sequences of movement that we performed in the space to different tracks.

For some the workshops were a delight, a liberation and an opportunity to play in an unusual space, for others, a challenge to perceived ideas of what dance is.

“Walking around a room avoiding weird objects is not dance!”

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