Kettles Yard: Open House

You are Here




Open House is a long-term creative programme with Kettle’s Yard and communities in North Cambridge funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Cambridge City Council. Each year there is a different Open House Artist in Residence. This year, artist Isabella Martin’s creates You Are Here, a collaborative project between the community and a host of artists, mapping North Cambridge.

One pop up workshop happened during the early summer holidays at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Mansel Way, an Arbury church group who regularly hold community workshops for children and their families.  Using huge blocks of cardboard we drew houses in our community, inspired by a massive map of North Cambridge.  We drew our own homes and bedrooms, some of us drew imaginary homes – tree houses, and mansions, and tall, tall houses. And one teddy bear house.  Sackville Close, Kingsway, Duxford, London, Red Fern Close, Nuns Way…a few of the places on our map…

We also imagined fantastical creatures and where they might live in and around our street of houses.  Smonsters, and flying dragons, and more…Some of our creatures were less fantastical – but favourite nevertheless…ants and lions.