Look Make Talk

Previously known as Wednesday Club, Look Make Talk is the more recent Kettle Yard initiative for young people.  Arts sessions for young people aged 8-11, and co-led by artist Alex Hirtzel and myself.  Together we take inspiration from both the permanent collection and the gallery exhibitions, and invite the children to explore, make, and create around different ideas and techniques.  Using a range of materials and styles, the children were consistently encouraged to think imaginatively and creatively and make independent art work.  Each term culminated in the children curating and exhibiting their own work, and inviting families & friends along to enjoy their work.   This last year, 2014-2015, projects centred around the artists Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Gustav Metzger.

The most recent project was based extensively on  Kettles Yard’s show New Rhythms  – based on the collection of Gaudier-Brezeska and his contemporaries work.   We also took time to explore the house and permanent collection and contemplated our favourite spaces in the gallery.

Below are images and films taken and made over the last year.



all photographs taken by Filipa Pereira-Stubbs


Look Make Talk Dance

Exploring the work of Henri Gaudier-Brzeska.  Finding our way into drawing movement, creating a Vorticist inspired backdrop, creating  and wearing Vorticist paper costumes, choreographing dances inspired by the dance forms of Gaudier-Brzeskas’ era….and more.


Ian Hamilton Finlay

Exploring phrases: exploring shape and form of lettering – creating our own letters, designing phrases, in relation to ourselves and our environment.

Gustav Metzger and auto-destructivity

We thought about Metzger’s ideas around auto-creatvity and auto-destructivity; inspired by Metzger and by the artists’ Fischli &Weiss’ film The Way Things Go, we explored how the new and unexpected stems from change and flux.