Rock Road Library

Artists: Debbie Hall, Filipa Pereira-Stubbs and Sally Todd,  May 2015

Over two school days children at Morley Memorial School  (Yrs 1 & 4 ) explored the unique Rock Road Library Garden space, thinking about connecting indoors and outdoors, thinking about growing stories inspired by garden spaces, thinking about what makes a friendly garden.

Our invitation was to take a wander, and notice what you see – through the library, along the steps, and in the garden. Looking all around, taking time, listening, smelling, and noticing, we collected an image, and then another. We took time to draw our responses, and tell the stories of our images. We continued the telling – maybe a different story emerges – through water colour paintings and through clay pieces.

We used drawings, watercolours, clay and words to express and explore our own ideas about wonderful, extraordinary and important garden spaces.

We conjured up stories inspired by a library garden. We shared stories of the oldest known gardens and the oldest known libraries – bringing these together when we talk about the unique Rock Road Library Garden.

The children imagined a friendly garden would have a comfortable, beautifully decorated and specially patterned tent in which to create and listen to stories. With classmates, friends, families, and garden creatures – real and imaginary.

Willow artist, Debbie Hall, then used the drawings and stories of the children to design and create a whirling dynamic willow strutter around the steps leading from the library space to the garden – shaping bold patterns, small secret storage spaces, and hanging baskets.

The third and final stage of the project was to work with community.  Over 2 days, the community were invited to help design and create in and around the story tent. More stories and delicate watercolours were created.  Inspired by the oldest found carpet, bold carpet stories were painted and hung in the tent.

We made our own stories, inspired by gardens, inspired by books, inspired by words – all from the imagination and collected in different ways for future generations to enjoy.

To read & view more about the project and hear some of the stories the children told, please click here for the CCI website.