Taking Note

A CCI project, working at Addenbrooke’s and Rosie Hospitals in Cambridge, with fellow artist Susanne Jasilek, CCI director Ruth Sapsed, and Head of Arts, Damian Hebron.   We collected stories about moments of happiness – individual moments recorded and scribed by taking a moment to stop and note what causes us happiness.  Some stories were anecdotal, some more philosophical attitudes around ways of being, some more incantations to wish for more happiness.  It was wonderful to step into the busy and complex hospital world and meet the people who live and work there in this different way.   Susanne and I visited the hospital three times, creating pop-up events and spaces within which to welcome the stories and moments of taking note.  We also visited different wards, meeting individual people from all the areas of the hospital.  Spring and early summer 2016.

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