Excerpts from one of the best conversations in the music and movement groups.

Excerpts from one of the best conversations in the music and movement groups.
Recorded on G6 on the 22nd of July, 2016.

Bev is a very outgoing, confident and flamboyant character who has joined several times previously;  loves singing and dancing – dances with great ability and gusto.  When I met Margaret she very anxious about her upcoming journey home – anxious as to whether all her belongings had been packed, and whether her husband knew where she was.  She didn’t want to come along initially.  Once in the session she visibly relaxed, joined in with the movement,  and began to smile, respond, improvise, exchange big smiling dances with each of us, and hugely enjoyed the relaxation.  Sheila was very withdrawn when I went to her bedside chair, and insistent that she didn’t want to join in, despite her huge love of dance (which became apparent in the session).  She was depressed and irritated, and didn’t want to miss lunch.  She loved the session.  Pat left for most of the session due to a special friend coming to visit, but returned right at the end, enjoyed a waltz with Darren, and relished the relaxation massage. 

I recorded the last 16 minutes of the session.

Sheila:You never, no matter how old you are, deep down inside, lose that spark.  Doesn’t matter how old you  can be, that spark is there and you never know when it can ignite.

Filipa:What do you think about singing and dancing?

Bev: I LOOOVE IT.  I’ve been singing and dancing all my life, also I’m a poet, and I know it!. (laughs)

Sheila: I didn’t get the question…

Bev: Oh sorry darling…

Filipa: The question is: Why is it so good for us to be moving…and dancing together?

Sheila: Well it helps you to keep younger, it helps the mind to be more alert.  And to think younger thoughts.                  Not sort keep waving back to the past and what was what…you got to live for sort of now, I mean.            Mind you, the dancing for me…today…its not like it was.  I like ballroom dancing, that’s what I love…I      do like ballroom dancing.

Filipa: But when you hear these songs you love….

Bev: It comes out from your – (gestures)

Filipa: – it comes from where Bev?

Bev: Your heart.

Filipa: it comes out from your heart-

Sheila: – it makes you feel good. It suddenly takes you back to ‘oh I remember when!’ yeahhh…

Bev:  yeahhh

Sheila: I used to go jiiving-

Bev: Jiiving!!! Yeahhh

Sheila: Yeaahh. Cool, Love that.

Bev: Dancing?! – I couldn’t live without it.

Sheila: I used to boogie all night long…

Bev: ooooooh  wooow…

Sheila: yeahhh….not now….

Filipa: And if we didn’t come together, to do some movement, what would you be doing instead, right now?

Sheila: Sitting, feeling morbid. 

Filipa: Bev do you want to say anything about what music and movement can do for you-

Bev: Music is the food of life.

Sheila: It is, it is.    It is.

Bev: It’s SO amazing. And it brings love.       And I’m one of six sisters….five brothers.

Sheila: It brings out something that you can’t explain…an emotion…that you can’t explain, you know.  And all              the memories of when you heard the songs…all come flooding back.  When you was young.    I used to            enjoy going out …. and jiiiving oh – all of that.  But then, all these things come along in your life, and                      then …takes it away…

After we do the Blue Danube…Darren puts on Billy Eckstein – special favourite and request from Sheila, who listens with her head in her hands, in tears, whilst Bev sings along, and Pat dances with Darren…

we finish and I introduce doing relaxation…

Sheila: (big exhalation) Something about music that

Bev: yes, it touches your heart.

Sheila: Innit.

Bev: Yes.  It does.

Sheila: So much.

Bev: Certainly does.

Sheila: I reckon that woman looked through here and thought we was all mad! (referring to one of the         numerous staff who look through  – interested and smiling!)

Bev: Who are these people!!! Enjoying ourselves!!!

Sheila says this often throughout the session.  She also says that if her son saw her now, he would think she was mad, what would he think!?  If her husband saw her now, what would he think!?

Throughout the session, Sheila has mentioned her son, her husband, and her mother.  At one point we dedicated a song to her mother; Sheila loves this.   Later, during relaxation, Sheila, mentions that her husband would like the relaxation.  I say we will do it for him as well.

Sheila: I liked that piece of music you played, it was very soothing.  and calming.  I mean you don’t always          want boogie boogie – its nice to take things a little calmly. 

In conclusion…

Sheila: I crept in and thought lets have a bash…and I was shocked to be honest…to find Aretha Franklin here…         (in reference to Bev who had  been singing along to an Aretha Franklin song.)