DanceMoves was a Cambridge-based company passionately committed to extending the life-affirming and therapeutic benefits of dance to healthcare and community settings. DanceMoves created tailor-made dance projects in consultation with health professionals and with a focus on assisting the management and alleviation of health problems and promoting wellbeing. Crucially, DanceMoves delivered high quality, playful and friendly dance encounters that encourage meaningful human communication.

DanceMoves was created in 2012 by Filipa Pereira-Stubbs and Katherine Lawrence. The work continue to this day, led independently by Filipa.

The DanceMoves approach provides the following benefits:

  • Bespoke projects are created in collaboration with art programmes and health programmes.
  • Existing creative and rehabilitation programmes are supplemented.
  • Participants have improved physical confidence, and increased awareness of the body and self-expression.
  • Participants gain emotional and social support from working in integrated and inclusive groups, providing networks that combat illness, isolation, and loneliness.
  • Participants report increased wellbeing through enjoyment, creativity and self-expression

Filipa Pereira-Stubbs continues to lead and facilitate the following projects:

  • Dancing at the Museum
  • IAP