FLACK and DanceMoves

“If you’d seen the end when it was the final session and everyone’s almost slightly dejected but it was fun and it’s all going to be over kind of face, then you would understand completely how much people, like everybody, would have carried on. I don’t think there was anybody who wouldn’t have carried on. It was like a case of, Damn it, I can’t make it next week but I’ll be there the week after, like everybody.”
In November 2012, DanceMoves met with FLACK to discuss and plan a project that would engage individuals from the homeless and ex-homeless community in the arts in a new and different activity − creative contemporary dance.FLACK is a charitable social enterprise that works with the potential of homeless people. The organisation is skilled and experienced in planning and leading projects which offer homeless people training, support and a voice, helping to rebuild their sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and break the cycle of homelessness.

With this in mind, DanceMoves worked with FLACK’s Creative Director, Kirsten Lavers, and other members of staff to create a project that would achieve the best possible preparation and awareness for participants’ needs, and possible outcomes.