The intergenerational dance project happened over the weekend of June the 28th & 29th at the Junction Cambridge.  Two groups of dancers came together for the first time to experience and explore improvisational movement, music, and imagery.  The dancers were aged 7-11 and 50+ ; all had previous experience of imaginative and creative dance classes with Filipa Pereira-Stubbs.

Together, we warmed up, we danced, we conversed, we responded to the live soundscape of music.  We drew our individual spaces across the paper covered floor, we choreographed in response to each other and to our drawn environment.  We played movement games.  We danced as individuals, in duets, in small groups and as one large group.  On Saturday we filmed our duets and on Sunday moved in response to a small film filmed and edited overnight.  We choreographed a fun, quick and irreverent dance piece together.

It was a weekend of finding our commonalities and our narratives amidst our differences  – through dance, music and moving image. We found that it was surprisingly easy to dance together, despite only just having met, and being quite different ages.  We made new friends, and hugely enjoyed our weekend of dancing across the generations.

The facilitators were Filipa Pereira-Stubbs, Toby Peters, Hazel Francomb, Laura McGarrigle, and David Hicks.   Huge thanks to Daniel Pitt and the Junction for supporting and hosting this project.

‘Slow’ is the film made of the entire weekend.

SLOW from Filipa Pereira-Stubbs on Vimeo.

‘Junction 28-29 June 2014/Improvised’ is the film Toby Peters filmed of the duets created on Saturday, and edited overnight so the dancers could respond as a group to the duets.

“What a wonderful experience to have participated in the Intergenerational workshop.. I have taken part in many movement and artistic events but never before one which mixes the age groups in direct experiential work together. This weekend was not only inclusive for all age groups, abilities, styles, character types etc, it also evidenced that it’s possible to share movement in an equal, interesting and imaginative manner so that everyone has a chance to express something of themselves.
I created a duet with a young person who is interested in music and was able to listen so attentively to the creative flow between us that it was so exciting to put our mini-performance piece together without any director’s input other than the original score.The workshop exuded an air of collaboration, of shared respect and of excitement at being involved in a ‘new’ adventure. Quite remarkably, there were no indications of power or authority imbalances and the workshop presented an environment for very real and authentic creative expression through movement and art.”
Judy Hicks
“Such an inspiring project and beautifully creative.  I was very moved by it.  I enjoyed the atmosphere of acceptance and equality which I feel meant that the children felt that they we equal partners in the process.
With regard to Ben’s experience over the weekend, as a parent, it was incredible to see him work and consider, concentrate and communicate and cooperate with others (generally) as well as working with an older generation.  It was incredibly powerful, watching people of different generations connecting and communicating physically (and so beautifully).”
Charlotte Garrard.
“Thank you for running the dance thing it was really fun! I especially liked doing the art then taking the shapes and ideas and putting them in the duets. I also really enjoyed doing the Grandmothers foot steps thing!”
“I loved the weekend.
A rare gift for many generations to explore their dances and be creative in playful and fun, ingenious and mindful ways. Many stories unfurling through our bodies of time.
For me dancing with young people was a delight.
The trust that developed in our relationships over such a short time was amazing. New Seeds Meeting and Growing.
The inventive ideas that evolved were great from our drawings and then our sharing and moving into the waves of many landscapes expressed through our bodies. Dancing alone, in pairs and yet with everyone as we were connected through the weavings of many strands of threads and emotions.”
Elaine Brown
“An amazing experience to attend this workshop, so wonderful to bring the generations together to dance, to be spontaneous, to do, to help, to be helped, to talk, to listen and absorb this wonderful shared time. So lucky to have worked with great dancers, musicians, filmmakers and creators, a HUGE THANK YOU.”
Sue Judd

‘Slow’ is a film made of the entire weekend.

‘Improvised’ is the film Toby Peters filmed of the duets created on Saturday, and edited overnight so the dancers could respond as a group to the duets.