Adults Creative Dance Classes at Columba Hall

developing movement themes, responding to music with shape and form in space.


Children’s Creative Dance Classes at Columba Hall

Moments of responding creatively to props such as ribbon – architectural creation of space and structure to respond to, and to move within.  Finding ways of moving both as individuals and as a group to different stimuli.

Shape shifting

At one point in our dance sessions, we became very interested and immersed in the idea of shape shifting – both with our bodies and in our imagination.  We explored how we could improvise slowly and richly to become all sorts of creatures, and how stories could unfold from our dancing processes.    We had a very beautiful old silk parachute to help us find different kinds of bodies.

Kinetic images

We wanted to take photographs of dancing moments that could really capture how wide and wonderful our dancing can be.  In a way we were tracing our moving bodies through space.